All my life I have loved games, both psychical board games and digital games. My first game system was the original Nintendo (NES) which was a Christmas present for myself and two other brothers. We  spent hours upon hours playing games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and Tetris. There were too many times to count where my parents couldn't remove us from playing games. We loved it. Over next 30 years I worked in many fields from retail to plumbing to a professional magician (which I still perform under the name Andino) One of the reasons I began performing magic was that I love bringing joy to people, and I believe that games can do the same. Remember the last time you played a game with family and friends and all of a sudden everyone has their game face on, and the competition starts. The banter between players erupts, the frustration of not getting what you need to win, the acceleration of crushing someone else's turn, and the pure joy of winning the game. There is something about getting together with family and friends and battling it out over a game. 

My mission is to not only produce games of the highest quality, yet I also want to bring joy into homes all over the world. So I decided to start Munch Creative. A independent game studio that creates new ways of playing games. 

Andy Cox