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Stage 3: Inspired by the events of 2020 when the world went into lock down.

The Government has ordered everyone to go into Stage 3 restrictions. You play the role of a health worker and with your team (3 other players) work together to slow the spread of infections and limit the number of patients heading to the ICU. If you succeed the government will ease restrictions.

You have 14 days to get much needed supplies of medicine, food, toilet paper, face masks and sanitiser to each city before it's too late. Once a city has hit its maximum infection rate the ICU starts filling up, if you get 8 patients in the ICU and it is game over. If you manage to get through the 14 days with less than 8 ICU patients, you win. 

The gameplay is simple, a player will pick up an infection card, place the infections into the city/cities described on the card then move 2 spaces. There are 4 different board spaces for a player to land on: 

BLUE Health space         - player picks up First Aid cards

RED Infection space        - player picks up infection cards

BLACK ICU space           - player adds a patient to the ICU

GREY City space            - player uses health cards to combat infections and add supplies 

What makes this tricky is the rule of Social Distancing. If a player lands on a space next to another player every city receives one extra infection. This creates constant conflict for the players movement. A player might have supplies needed to help a city, but another player is in their way. Players are constantly working together to find the best and most efficient way to move around the board.

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