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The USA Edition of Stage 3 features Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles.

All 56 infection cards are unique to this edition.

The health workers you play as are:

Dr Miller, Dr Williams, Dr Anderson and Dr Johnson

Angry USA Board.png

56 x Unique Infection cards

Stage 3 Infection Card.png
Stage 3 Infection Card.png
Stage 3 Infection Card.png
NYC 2I.png

66x Health cards

TP 1-01.png

4 x Player Tokens

(different colours)

Green player token.png

6 x Sanitiser Tokens


16 x Doctor Tokens

(different colours)

Green Dr token.png

8 x ICU Patient Tokens


1 x Day Token

Day 1.png

12 x Food, Toilet Paper & Face MaskTokens


4x Different player cards

DR Miller.png

36 x Sanitiser Infection Tokens

Cube 1.png