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Custom edition 

With the Custom Edition of Stage 3 you will get to choose the name of each city or town. Choose the names on each infection card and choose the Doctors who are going to save the community. 

Each copy is specially printing just for you!

USA box.png

You get to choose the name of each city or town

Stage 3 board game Australian edition.png

Pick between cities or towns

town 3.png
Stage 3 board game Australian edition.png

Choose a board

Angry USA Board.png

Put all your family and friends names on the infection cards

NYC 2I.png

Name of family or friend goes here

Name of your city or town goes here

A total of 70 names can be added throughout the 56 cards. If you can't come up with 70 names don't worry we will sort out the rest

Never been a Doctor? Now's your chance. You get to choose the names of 4 Doctors

Blank DR card.png

Name of your Doctor

Name another Doctor

66x Health cards

16 x Doctor Tokens

(different colours)

4 x Player Tokens

(different colours)

36 x Sanitiser Infection Tokens

Stage 3 First aid card.png
Green Dr token.png
Green player token.png
Cube 1.png

6 x Sanitiser Tokens


12 x Food, Toilet Paper & Face MaskTokens


8 x ICU Patient Tokens


1 x Day Token

Day 1.png
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