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20 - 90 mins

2 - 4 Players

8 + Ages


1st Player to complete 9 levels wins.

Use Action cards to change the game.

Use 2 Down cards to your advantage.

2 Down. A rummy style game brought into the 21st century! 2 Down takes the classic and flips it on its head with never seen before ways to play. 2 Down will soon become one of your favourite games.

2 Down Card Green 1.png
2 Down Card Blue 6.png
2 Down card Red 2.png
2 Down Card Yellow 3.png
2 Down Card Green 8.png
2 Down - Block Card.png
2 Down 1UP Card.png

The face down cards. 2 cards are placed face down in front of each player at the beginning of the round. These cards can be picked up using a 1UP card. Giving you a major advantage 

Back of 2 Down Card.png
Back of 2 Down Card.png

Challenge cards.

9 very unique levels on each card

2 Down Challenge B card.png
2 Down Challenge A Card.png

To complete a level. A player will need the required cards for that level. Once a player has put their cards down the round is now finished, with no more turns. This does not mean it's all over for the other players. The players with facedown cards in front of them now turn their cards over, if they can complete their level, they may do so. If not they stay on the same level until they accomplish it.  

Unique Action cards.


2 Down - Block Card.png

Block a player from picking up a face down card and finishing a level on their turn. 


2 Down Swap Card.png

Every player swaps their entire hand


2 Down - Jump Card.png

Make another player loose a turn


2 Down 1UP Card.png

Add an extra card to your hand, giving you a major advantage

2 Down Wild Card.png


No game would be complete without a wild card. The wild card can be used as any number, shape or colour. To add to the versatility of the wild card it can also be used as a 1UP, JUMP or a BLOCK card.