The first player to complete 9 levels with the 2 down twist wins. Each level is unique with RUNS, GROUPS, PACKS, HEAPS, CLUMPS, ODDS or EVENS.


A player that completes a level will advance to the next, however the players who don't stay on the same level until they accomplish it.


The Twist - 2 cards are placed facedown in front of each player, these cards can be added to your hand if you pick up a 1 UP card giving you a major advantage.

Ages : 8+

Players : 4

               Up to 6 with 2 decks 

Playing time : 30-60min

Contents : 54 cards

2 Down Card Game 7Yellow Card.png
2 Down Card Game 1Green Card.png
2 Down Card Game 8Red card.png
2 Down Card Game 3Blue Card.png
2 Down Card Game 1up Card.png

In 2 Down there are 2 different challenge cards to pick from, each with 9 different levels.  

To complete a level on the challenge card players will need the required cards for that level. Once a player has put down their cards that round has now finished, with no more turns. This does not mean it's all over for the other players. The players with facedown cards in front of them now turn over their cards over, if they can complete their level, they may do so. If not they stay on the same level until they accomplish it.  

2 Down will be available for purchase late 2021

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