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In the ancient land of Fossil Frontier, your best friend, Barry the Bin Chicken, has been snatched by the mischievous Ryan, a sorcerer who once fell from the heavens above with a devious plan. Your mission, is to find the special stones that, when put together, unlock the mighty Fossil Fury! This power will help you take on Ryan and free Barry from his captivity.



Munch 'O' Crunch will be coming to PC and consoles

Embark on a rite of passage in "Munch ‘O’ Crunch: Final Hour." As Munch, a resolute dinosaur on the brink of adulthood, your mission transcends the ordinary – get to the ark before the cataclysmic flood engulfs the world. Yet, this journey is not just about survival; it's about coming of age and overcoming challenges, both within and without.

Navigate a treacherous landscape teeming with cunning puzzles, formidable bosses, and insidious obstacles standing as rites of passage. Amidst the chaos, a formidable adversary named Ryan seeks to derail your odyssey at every turn. Uncover the power of special gemstones scattered throughout your quest, each holding the key to outsmarting Ryan's relentless pursuit. As you collect these ancient artifacts, unlock unique abilities that reflect not only your resilience but also the wisdom imparted by your father.

In "Munch ‘O’ Crunch: Final Hour," the journey isn't merely a race against time; it's a transformative experience. Will you conquer the challenges, unlock your true potential, and face Ryan in an epic battle for survival? The clock is ticking, the floodwaters are rising – the final hour beckons. Can you secure Munch's place on the ark and navigate the tumultuous path to escape impending extinction? The transformative journey unfolds now.

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