Munch Creative

Munch Creative is an independent game design studio based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 

Our mission is to provide new and inventive ways to play games in both the psychical and digital market. We are committed to produce products of the highest quality. We strongly believe in listening to our customers to continue to improve our products and services. 



2 DOWN - Card game

The first player to complete 9 levels with the 2 down twist wins. Each level is unique with RUNS, GROUPS, PACKS, HEAPS, CLUMPS, ODDS or EVENS.


A player that completes a level will advance to the next, however the players who don't stay on the same level until they accomplish it.


The Twist - 2 cards are placed facedown in front of each player, these cards can be added to your hand if you pick up a 1 UP card giving you a major advantage.


AUS Box front copy.png

Stage 3 - Board game

Can you get the community out of Stage 3 restrictions?

The Government has ordered everyone to go into Stage 3 restrictions. You play the role of a health worker and with your team (3 other players) work together to slow the spread of infections and limit the number of patients heading to the ICU. If you succeed the government will ease restrictions.



Munch Creatives first digital game is now in development, we can't wait to show you some of the amazing gameplay. 

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More details to be released soon.