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07 - A Huge Overhaul

The onset of 2023 fuels my eagerness to unveil the game, even as my mind continues to churn with fresh ideas for mini-games. These miniature diversions are set to depart from the campaign's structured objectives, embracing an entirely different dynamic. Unlike the campaign's predefined goals, mini-games thrive on achieving high scores and endurance. The concept took root with "Bin Chicken Blast." Taking inspiration from the classic Nintendo game "Duck Hunt," where ducks emerged from the shrubs, and players aimed a laser gun to shoot them down, I endeavoured to replicate that engaging simplicity. Drawing on the already established aiming mechanic and the player's character, I envisioned bin chickens flying across the screen, and players launching burritos to thwart them. Success lay in scoring higher than the previous attempt, a premise imbued with addictive potential.

Assets were crafted, a foundation level built, and the framework was poised for assembly. The underlying philosophy of these mini-games is to furnish regular updates post-launch, introducing fresh games each month to sustain player engagement. These mini-games could even evolve to eclipse the main campaign in terms of playtime.

As my focus shifted between mini-games and the main campaign, new ideas burgeoned, spurring a reevaluation of existing assets. The development of "Drop Off" unlocked new skills, and I recognized that the art across other levels seemed rudimentary. Dissatisfied with the visual aesthetics, I embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, reconstructing every facet. Player and Brandon animations, projectiles, and level art underwent transformation. This journey, while rewarding, was arduous. I recalled my past attempt with "Stage 3," where a Kickstarter campaign fell short, garnering around $5,000 but missing the target. Feedback from peers underscored a crucial lesson – regardless of a game's playability, its visual appeal was paramount. People buy with their eyes first, and a lackluster presentation would pose an uphill battle.

Nearly two months were invested to revamp the game's art comprehensively, maneuvering within the constraints of mobile screen dimensions. The journey from the initial iteration to the final product marked a substantial transformation. The question loomed – when does one cease refining? To what extent can we push the boundaries? In hindsight, years down the line, the game might elicit laughter at its present appearance, given the ever-evolving landscape of technology and our honing skills. Yet, for the present moment, the game stands as a testament to the progress achieved, and I find myself content with its current state. 😊


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