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10 - Launch Week! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Well, brace yourselves, folks! We've just unleashed Let's Go Burrito into the wild, and I can already feel the cash rolling in! Just kidding, we're not bathing in dollar bills... yet. This blog is here to spill all the beans (pun intended) on what we've achieved in our inaugural week, complete with stats and drama!

Let's kick things off with the good stuff. I'm beaming with pride at having birthed a game into existence. Believe me, the birthing process is more excruciating than giving birth to triplets while balancing on a tightrope. Kudos to all you indie developers out there, you're the unsung heroes! Our game is as sturdy as a burrito in a tortilla, with zero crashes to report, and no colossal bugs have come to haunt us. Sure, there are a few cobweb-filled corners that need some tidying, but hey, most players won't even notice. The game has received a standing ovation, with people loving the gameplay, the art, and the overall concept. We've even snagged a few reviews on Apple and Google, complete with smiley faces! :)

Now, on to the bad news, which isn't all that bad. It's like a jalapeño pepper in your burrito; it adds some spice. We've gathered feedback from players, and while most of it's good, there are a few "not-so-good" bits. Some folks couldn't find their way out of the first level on easy mode if their lives depended on it. Others seemed as clueless as a goldfish with short-term memory loss about the game's objective and threw in the towel in sheer frustration. Me? I find the game as easy as pie... well, burrito, but I've played it a gazillion times. It's all about finding the sweet spot between "way too easy" and "throwing your phone in frustration." So, we've thrown some extra projectiles their way on easy levels and made obstacles less intense. The next challenge? Controls! Some players decided to skip the tutorial and then wondered why they couldn't aim. Come on, folks, read the manual! We're cooking up an even more interactive tutorial to really hammer home the basics. Stay tuned for that in the next update.

Now, brace yourselves for "The Ugly." This is where the rubber meets the road, and we get down and dirty with numbers, data, and performance. Our ad revenue so far? A whopping $2.70! For the entire month of October (up to the 17th), it's like a grand total of $1.10. The extra ad revenue comes from us testing the game like maniacs before the launch.

In-app purchases? Zip, zero, nada! We've got 40 downloads on the App Store and 20 on Google Play. I've been spamming social media every day, hoping to ride the viral wave, but it's more like a gentle ripple. Most of my posts reach a handful of people, like two to 40. And I get just a sprinkling of likes. With such a minuscule audience, it's like trying to push a boulder uphill, even if some of my videos have viewers glued to their screens. Paying for social media ads? Hold my burrito, it's absurdly expensive. To boost a Facebook post, they want 42 bucks to reach a mere 525 people. Surely, there's a better way! But I'm not giving up. I'll keep wrestling with the social media beast and try to figure out the magic formula. It's going to be a long and wild journey, my friends.

Creating a game is like robbing a bank; it's an expensive endeavor. If my business partner and I were to pay ourselves for all the blood, sweat, and burritos we've invested, we'd be up to our necks in debt. But let me make one thing clear: this game isn't just a money-grabbing scheme. I mean, check it out! We've kept the ads minimal and the in-app purchases are more wallet-friendly than a dollar store. We're here to make games, craft a lasting career in the gaming world, and, unfortunately, you need a few greenbacks to grease the wheels. I've already got the next three games lined up, each more ambitious than the last. So, bring it on, world – Let's Go Burrito is here to stay! 🌯💰


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