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08 - It's getting close

We're hurtling down the home stretch, and the aroma of victory is almost as appetising as a sizzling burrito. "Let's Go Burrito" is nearly done cooking, and it's time to garnish it with those final tweaks, patch up pesky bugs, and give it a fresh coat of digital spices. Our journey began in late 2021, and here we are, September 2023, still in the kitchen.

Now, let me introduce the dynamic duo behind Munch Creative – a team so small, we fit in an elevator comfortably. Two passionate individuals with a love for game-making, yet as green as a freshly cut avocado when it comes to the video game world. My partner-in-crime, a software engineer with two decades of experience coding everything but the kitchen sink, found that the world of video games was like trying to salsa dance on a tightrope. New skills, new problems, and a whole parade of digital variables greeted us at every turn.

As for yours truly, my pre-2020 résumé boasted zero software development experience and even less know-how in art and animation applications. Then, in 2020, I decided to take the plunge and enroll in a Bachelor of Design for Video Games. Picture this: me, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and completely clueless about the intricate world of game development. It didn't take long for me to realise that creating games is akin to juggling flaming burritos – it's hot, it's challenging, and you'll burn your fingers if you're not careful.

University life offered some sobering insights. Many of my fellow students dropped out around the midway point, and I don't blame them. Why, you ask? Well, firstly, breaking into the industry is about as easy as finding a unicorn at a salsa dance class. Secondly, if you decide to venture solo, you become a one-person circus – coding, art, UX/UI design, sound, music, animations, marketing, and everything else under the sun. It's like trying to eat an entire burrito in one bite – ambitious and bound to leave a mess.

But hey, from the moment I enrolled, I knew I wanted to be an indie game developer. I wanted to craft games that danced to the beat of my quirky ideas, games that weren't beholden to big budgets or colossal teams. I already had the moniker "Munch Creative" tucked away in my brain, accompanied by dreams of a game-filled future – games that were small-team-friendly, budget-savvy, and brimming with fresh ideas, games that everyone could savor.

Fast forward to 2021 when I met my business partner, a man who had no intention of diving into the world of game development. Now, he's in deep, loving every pixelated moment, and there's no turning back. "Let's Go Burrito" wasn't on our radar when we embarked on our game-making adventure. We were focused on "Munch 'o' Crunch," making strides in its development, when suddenly, like a burrito dropped from the sky, a tagline caught fire, and an idea sprouted like guacamole from an avocado. The more we mulled it over, the clearer it became – we had to make it happen.

Now, "Let's Go Burrito" is tantalisingly close to release, and the excitement is palpable. "Munch 'o' Crunch" remains the heartbeat of our company, and the love and effort we've poured into our inaugural game are borderline ridiculous (in a good way). We can't wait to share more of it with the world. But for now, we're putting the finishing touches on "Let's Go Burrito," ensuring it's as satisfying as the first bite of a perfectly crafted burrito. Get ready, because it's almost time to dig in! 🌯🎮


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