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01 - Let's Go Brandon - Burrito Smackdown

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In the latter part of 2021, the world stood at a crossroads, uncertain about its trajectory. Then, a remarkable occurrence unfolded – a phrase, unintentional or possibly deliberate, swiftly gained momentum. "Let's Go Brandon" became the catchphrase that traversed the expanse of America faster than one could decipher the latest statements from the country's leader in his recent press conference. It saturated the landscape, finding its way onto store signs, adorning business walls, and materializing as hats, t-shirts, and flags. The populace embraced this tagline with fervor, weaving it into the fabric of daily life.

Amidst this wave of enthusiasm, an idea took root in my mind: how could we channel this tagline into a game? But the path ahead was nebulous. How could we structure it? What would constitute its core gameplay loop? My mind teemed with questions. Then, a memory resurfaced – a viral video featuring someone slipping on stairs while boarding an airplane. How could we intertwine this with the tagline?

Strangely, my thoughts kept circling back to burritos. A burrito-loving guy in Australia had even garnered attention during the pandemic for indulging in this culinary delight after a jog.

The unassuming burrito had transformed into an emblem, and thus, a concept began to take shape. Our notion was uncomplicated: players would hurl burritos at a character ascending stairs, causing them to stumble. Little did we know, this simple concept mirrored a physical game where participants literally tossed burritos at each other – an ingeniously captivating idea! Yet, ambiguity remained: how would the gameplay unfold? What occurred when the character reached the top? Was there a victory condition? Would a health bar be involved? Could victory be achieved by pelting the character enough times? Questions crowded our thoughts. And the mechanics of hurling burritos remained a puzzle. Which platform would be suitable for the game? What scale should it adopt? Did it entail a single unending level, or multiple tiers of escalating complexity? We were faced with a trove of considerations, but the promise of a captivating concept fueled our desire to explore further.

After much contemplation, we determined that the game should find its home on mobile devices and tablets. This decision set us on a course to tackle the burrito-throwing challenge. One option was to adopt a Pokémon Go-esque style, holding the device in portrait mode and flicking a finger upwards or sideways in landscape mode to determine burrito distance and trajectory. Although this approach offered accessibility, it could lead to inaccuracies, especially on more challenging levels. Another avenue was reminiscent of games like Angry Birds or Crush the Castle, wherein players pulled back and launched projectiles at targets using a slingshot mechanism. Yet, our hurdle lay in rendering the arm's motion authentic, rather than resembling a chaotic mess. The solution materialized as a burrito cannon wielded by the player. With this in mind, we set out to bring our vision to life.


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