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04 - The scope gets big!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Our initial gameplay loop was rudimentary but effective. Brandon's traversal across the screen prompted players to launch burritos or tacos at him, slowing his progress. Moreover, players could direct these projectiles towards the burrito wall to achieve level victory. It was a straightforward dynamic – easy to grasp and easy to engage with. Yet, it was almost too easy. The question emerged: how could we inject challenge and diversity? At the project's inception, the intention was a single level – a quick creation to gauge public reception. But an insatiable appetite for more arose within me. More gameplay intricacies, more concepts, more levels, and more mechanics became a driving force. I was propelled by an unyielding desire for expansion, unable to content myself with the status quo.

An immediate concern was difficulty. In the realm of gaming, there's a concept referred to as "flow," striking a balance between being overly challenging and frustrating, or overly facile and tedious. Our initial setup leaned toward the latter, risking player disengagement. My primary issue lay in the absence of obstacles impeding direct shots at the burrito wall. Players could effortlessly send 10 burritos sailing over Brandon's head, securing victory.

To remedy this, the notion of a "badge" emerged. These badges would descend intermittently from the sky, obstructing shots aimed at the wall. I envisioned the badges mirroring elements of a presidential campaign. Before badges, falling balloons had served as rewards – striking these balloons granted players extra projectiles.

Regarding game length, most games boast a linear campaign, where you journey from initiation to conclusion.

This campaign began in his basement, designed to resemble a bunker equipped for an apocalyptic scenario. I embedded subtle details in the backdrop that, upon finalising the game, I believed many would find intriguing.

The question emerged: what transpired in the real world? While Brandon's "campaign" unfolded in the basement, global turmoil was underway. The passing of a significant figure catalysed a massive movement – not confined to the USA, but reverberating worldwide. Amidst a pandemic, media outlets acknowledged the peacefulness and validity of these protests. This revelation birthed another game level: "peaceful protest." From this juncture, ideas surged forth, and a realization dawned – the project was evolving into a comprehensive game, transcending its humble origins. A clear vision materialized, shaping the future trajectory of the endeavor.


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