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05 - Now to get to work!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Upon deciding to expand the game's scope, a meticulous strategy was essential, delineating the number of levels and the distinctive elements that would set each one apart. My quest for inspiration led me to delve into the significant events that defined 2020 and 2021, seeking a thread of ideas to weave into the game's campaign. The wellspring of concepts drawn from the Brandon phenomenon seemed inexhaustible. However, a crucial caveat remained – preserving a balance that retained accessibility without veering into contentious territory. My initial visions for each level took shape as follows:

  1. Coming out of the basement: Set amidst the peak of the pandemic, the campaign's genesis emerges not from grand tours or town visits, but from the safety of the basement. Unique Element: Instructional level to teach players the fundamentals.

  2. Just another mansion: Brandon gains the courage to venture beyond the basement, stepping into the real world. Unique Element: A locked burrito wall, requiring the player to hit targets for access.

  3. Peaceful protest: Amidst the fervor of the BLM movement, paradoxes arose as violent incidents were painted as peaceful. Similar instances occurred in Australia. Unique Element: A protester throwing a bottle that decreases burritos in the wall.

  4. Victory speech: After triumphing in the race, a platform is required to broadcast success. Unique Element: A guard launching burritos at the player.

  5. The Summit: Global elites converge to discuss climate change, arriving in private jets. Unique Element: A plane with tail targets, necessitating destruction.

  6. Take me out to the ball game: As the former leader graces sports events, crowds echo a special chant. Unique Element: Fireworks disrupting projectiles from reaching the wall.

  7. Papers not required: The expansive wall's progress halts, borders open, and crossings commence. Unique Element: Multiple targets across the wall.

  8. Armageddon outta here: A colossal investment aims to alter a comet's course through rocket launch. Unique Element: Shooting down comets before impact.

  9. Get to the chopper: Brandon escapes his abode. Unique Element: Helicopter fire directed at the player.

While several other significant events unfolded, given the satirical nature of the game, discretion prevailed in omitting those that could impede its release. Balancing humor and sensitivity was imperative for the game's viability in the public domain.


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