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02 - Let's go Brandon - Burrito Blast

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Presently, our game landscape boasts a fundamental configuration: a cannon that hurls burritos, a player, a plane, and a flight of stairs. Initially christened "Let's Go Brandon Burrito Smackdown," the game's moniker, though evocative, proved unwieldy for app stores, grappling with its excessive length and multitude of letters. Thus, we underwent a metamorphosis, birthing the more succinct "Let's Go Brandon Burrito Blast."

Embarking on the character design for the burrito cannon bearer, I aspired to evoke a heartland-of-America ambiance. Concurrently, deliberations ensued on the game's victory conditions. The concept crystallized: players needed to target a burrito wall. The objective lay in propelling 10 burritos into the wall before "Brandon" traversed the distance. An added twist surfaced – players could decelerate Brandon's advance by launching burritos at him, enabling us to manipulate his velocity and modulate the game's difficulty.

Despite infusing the game with these novel elements – the new character and immersive backdrops – a disconcerting dissonance pervaded. An unease lingered; the amalgamation of background and player felt incongruent. The game seemed to veer from its essence, a sentiment at odds with our vision. Seeking to infuse the game with greater verve, we set our sights on transforming the player character – not merely an anonymous entity but an emblematic figure. An individual with the impetus to bombard Brandon with burritos,

an advocate of restoring American greatness, one who dares to voice their convictions despite being ostracized from all corners of social media.

With the introduction of this renewed character, a sense of alignment pervaded. Our game was now beginning to resonate, although we were still at a nascent design stage, grappling with the notion of multiple tiers. While the inaugural level drew inspiration from a comical video, the prospect of weaving subsequent levels with real-world events tantalized. What if we constructed levels that interwove with the unfolding tapestry of reality? This question ignited spirited discourse as we navigated the uncharted waters of design.


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