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03 - Let's Taco Brandon

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

After sharing the concept with a handful of enthusiastic friends who instantly embraced it, a vibrant exchange ensued regarding the objects that could be hurled at Brandon. The notion of exclusively relying on burritos seemed limiting – why not introduce tacos and enchiladas to the mix? This ignited a cascade of ideas. It became evident that incorporating additional projectiles without differentiation would be lackluster. We yearned for distinctiveness, something with augmented potency yet a touch of rarity. Enter the "taco cheese bomb."

In this envisioned scenario, the player would aim the taco above Brandon, causing cheese to cascade from the sky and blanket him in gooey goodness. Beyond the comedic value, the cheese animation functioned as an inadvertent decelerator for Brandon. This bestowed players with more time to erect the burrito wall, a pivotal objective.

However, the mechanics behind the taco cheese operation remained an enigma. The initial attempt involved a supplementary button that players would press to deploy the cheese bomb.

This proved cumbersome in execution. Trials ensued with the button positioned on both the right and left sides of the screen, yet the timing required to accurately drench Brandon was elusive once the taco was released. Furthermore, the approach limited the extent of cheesing possible within a brief temporal window. Temporarily shelving this dilemma amidst other game development matters, we pledged to revisit it later.

The enchilada projectile introduced a distinctive dimension. Our ambition was to make the enchilada the ultimate projectile, an agent of Brandon's temporary vaporization, reinstating him at the initial starting point. This innovation granted players an extended span to fortify their burrito wall.

To infuse the game with vitality, animations took center stage. In instances of defeat, Brandon would triumphantly topple the wall and embark on his flight.

Given the game's relatively succinct nature, I introduced a commencement animation that played upon entering each level. With the integration of these

animations, supplementary Brandon animations, and a plethora of assets, we conducted an early iPhone build. Astonishingly, the game ballooned to a whopping 1.4 gigabytes! A realization dawned – expecting users to download such a colossal file for a single-level game was impractical. Thus, a strategic retreat was in order to pare down the memory footprint.

Around this juncture, a coffee rendezvous with my friend Tim bore fruit. His suggestion to christen the game "Let's Taco Brandon" in lieu of "Let's Go Brandon Burrito Blast" resonated profoundly. The concise, impactful, and straightforward nature of the new title was undeniably perfect.


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